What is Webosaurs

Webosaurs is a virtual 3D massive online game runned by great moderators, and designed by outstanding artists. Flyboy is the founder of Webosaurs and was founded about 3 years after Webosaur Beta was released. However, Rex is one of the most common known moderator of all. He ows Webosaurs Twitter @Webosaurs and tweets alot daily from it. Getting back on topic, Webosaur's loves to moderate the island all over the places, there on a shift it seems, because almost all the time, there always on. If you also didn't know, Webosaur's plans to have more improvments along with the game read below for more info.

Webosaurs story

Over 65 million years ago, an event unlike any other changed history forever, morphing the environment and pushing dinosaurs into extinction ... or so it was believed. Visit an unexplored corner of the earth, where a small piece of land and its inhabitants managed to survive. The island was home to several species of dinosaurs that had no choice but to evolve, and have now become WEBOSAURS! Join Stretch, Pterry, Horns and Rexxy in Webosaurs, where you can discover cool new games, hang out with your friends, earn tons of coins to customize your cave, and get access to exclusive content from celebrity wildlife expert Nigel Marven. Webosaurs is the only place where KIDS rule the earth!

From that information above, it's obvious this game is out of the ratings 10/10! Kids and teens can enjoy the game, and so can adults. Recomended ages 8-14.

Battle Arena's

Battle Arena's was one of the first games brought into Webosaurs. By playing it, and completing more arena's, you can earn badges! There are five battle arena's and five badges to earn.. You can read more on the Battle Arena article.Webousaurs2

Webosaurs Advancements

Webosaur Creator's in July 2010 have promised us alot of improvments coming up this year. Such as more games, furiture, and new upcoming furniture.

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